Using Ansible Git Repos via Proxy

introduction With the new Ansible Inside feature of CloudForms 4.5, it is necessary to sync with Git repositories in order to import playbooks for use »

OpenSCAP in a Secure Environment

introduction If you have been using CloudForms to manage the OpenShift Container Platform you're probably well aware of the container image scanning capabilities powered by OpenSCAP. »

Dynamic Inventories in Ansible

introduction If you've been following along at all, you've probably noticed that TigerIQ is a big fan of ansible and Ansible Tower. Recently I encountered a »

Posting Provider Events to Slack

The Event Switchboard in ManageIQ/CloudForms exposes provider events to Automate, allowing automation based on any supported events. In this example, we're posting Slack messages to »

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Quota for VM Re-configuration

Provisioning and Service Quota has been available in ManageIQ/CloudForms for a long time. How Quota works is explained beautifully by Peter McGowan, however, quota only »

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