Welcome to TigerIQ, a community blog focused on furthering automation and world peace. The goal of this blog is three four fold:

  • to provide real and useful examples of implementations seen in the field, and to provide practical instructions on how to replicate them
  • to discuss trends in the tech industry, and to help increase the user base of open source projects we believe are useful
  • to share our personal experiences in tech, and provide tips to others just starting out
  • to write about whatever we feel like writing about

We strive for elegance, but the emerging nature of our exploration often results in experimental methods. None of the examples or opinions in this blog in any way represent affiliation with or endorsement by any of the open source communities we work with or our respective employers. It also in no way indicates that the solutions herein are supported by anyone, in fact, they probably aren't. That being said, we are here to explore, feel free to explore with us. If you want to stay in touch, follow us on Twitter. If you truly find our ideas intriguing, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.