If you are using CloudForms instead of ManageIQ, you might notice that there is a tab called Red Hat Insights...

What is it?

Red Hat Insights helps you to proactively solve potential problems you might have on your systems before they impact and affect to your whole environment.
More info can be found in the official documentation:

It is included in CloudForms since version 4.0

What do I need do make it work? (Requirements)

You just need a registered CloudForms appliance, a registered RHEL environment and either Satellite or Red Hat Customer Portal connection, Smart State Analysis working and configured based on the official doc to collect the required file (/etc/redhat-access-insights/machine-id)

How to register a machine?

You need to use the same account to register the appliance (more information can be found here) and every managed system.

Then you execute:
subscription-manager register --auto-attach yum install redhat-access-insights redhat-access-insights --register

This is the standard output

[cloud-user@insightosp ~]$ sudo redhat-access-insights --register
Successfully registered insightosp.localdomain

Attemping to download collection rules from https://cert-api.access.redhat.com/r/insights/v1/static/uploader.json
Successfully downloaded collection rules
Attemping to download collection rules GPG signature from https://cert-api.access.redhat.com/r/insights/v1/static/uploader.json.asc
Successfully downloaded GPG signature
Verifying GPG signature of Insights configuration
Starting to collect Insights data
Uploading Insights data, this may take a few minutes
Upload completed successfully!
How to configure Smart State to collect files?

You need to copy the "sample" analysis profile into a new one named "default"


Then, in the new profile, named "default", add the needed file (/etc/redhat-access-insights/machine-id)


Then, perform the Smart State Analysis on the specific VMs


Verify that the file has been collected



Verify that your systems appear in the Insights tab by going to Red Hat Insights ==> Systems


Tips and tricks

  • Bear in mind that CF appliance and RHEL host needs to be registered under the same Red Hat subscription.

  • Follow all the instructions to make it work, it won´t work if you skip one step

  • You have ten (10) free machines to use, take advantage of all the features!


In the unlike event that you have any problem, please verify that you followed all the steps, and if that fails, try to register again the host with Red Hat insights
redhat-access-insights --unregister redhat-access-insights --force-reregister